Link of the day by / BYOC Stompbox & Effect Pedal

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D.I.Y. Kits from BYOC. Build your own pedals and stompboxes with a kit from BYOC. or modify them as you like. Get the stuff in Europe from de Gier (NL). [...]

Scratch/My/Back‏ crowdfunding campaign is started.

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Support Sonofox french friend Scratch my backs crowdfunding at Good luck and we are positive that it will be a success! Twitter: @scratchmybackfr Facebook: @scratchmybackfr  

Gitarren Drive / Fuzz Pedal Projekt by

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Hallo und frohe Ostern, hier ein Bild meines aktuellen Gitarren Pedal Projektes "Coalition". Es ist ein Overdrive (Tubescreamer) - Fuzz (Russian Muff) Kombi Pedal. Es hat einen Eingang und zwei [...]

DIY Metal Flaking by Kristopher Mendoza

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We added a new project to the Sonofox  Projekte site. It's from our DIY friend DIY Metal Flaking by Kristopher Mendoza, who shows how to flake your guitar/bass in true DIY [...]