Poor man’s plane sloping tip.

As a DIY fan here at Sonofox.com, I’ve been looking around for a planner machine that was affordable enough to buy without a facing the new Black Thursday on my bank account. Of course I didn’t find anything in my price range, so I decide to use whatever I got in my workshop (it’s more like basement filled with stuff) but workshop definitely sounds classier. Think I’ve found a good poor man’s solution to my problem.using a Wabeco DRILL/MILL stand and a COORDINATE TABLE also from Wabeco combined with a cheap router from ebay.

As you can see in the pic I placed my DIY guitar neck piece in angle on the coordinate table and started milling it down and I must say it works, a bit time consuming, but I don’t have to invest thousands of euros so now I’m a real happy camper. Check out the tools from Wabeco simply follow the link in text or use the Sonofox DIY link collection Guitar / Bass, Amps and effects or tools for building your own cool DIY music gear.

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Born in Sweden, but living in Germany, into music (of course) and soccer. Currently listening to Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell. Building on the Brownsville guitar..... DIY!

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